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Proud to Sell only Australian

Operations GrowthDarwin Fish Markets

The business commenced operations in mid June 2006 with two staff and one second hand delivery vehicle, not one customer nor a sign on either shed door. 

The business foundations were established along with the design of the Company Logo and the registration of the businesses trade mark; “Go Wild….Territory Wild”.  The potential for growth was a vision; suppliers and customers were sought and an appointment made with the local retail supermarket chain Coles and Woolworths.  

Five Years in the passing (2010 to current) - with many a lesson learnt but nether-the-less with integrity and sincerity the owner has held true to his vision of selling local and only Australian seafood.  The Processing Rooms capacity has doubled to that of its original size and additional staff have been engaged to manage with the increased work load. Considerable investments have been made to upgrade the processing plant plus the implementation of specifically designed equipment and the purchasing of new, all to facilitate with the expansion and the increasing demand for fresh local fin-fish, live crustaceans and Australian seafood.

With broader vision and an intense passion for the industry the owner Mr Ziko Ilic, an entrepreneur, has progressed the business further by relocating the Retail Shop and Office (occupying Shed 4) to the owner’s previous business premises, being just a stone throw away.  The move in 2009 has expanded the Retail Shops capacity and exposure, which in turn, has broaden and extended the range of Seafood being supplied.  

This move was envisioned and planned years previously when a secluded and isolated area was required for Product Development (Shed 4); the next stage for expansion and growth.
Darwin Fish Market are now also located down at the local Rapid Creek Market every Sunday; providing fresh local seafood to the General Public.

DFM currently supplies restaurants, hotels, pubs, contract caters, cruise ships, locals and tourists alike. Deliveries incorporate the wholesale and retail trade; direct to customers accommodation lodgings or alternatively, a selected transport medium for distribution interstate.  Whereby delivering fresh, frozen and live crustaceans to customers around Australia.
The Retail Shop provides tourist and locals alike with a consistent supply and wide variety of fresh and frozen, local and only Australian Seafood, seven days a week, opening most public holidays.

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