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Excellence in Service

Darwin Fish Markets

Darwin Fish Market strives to maintain a unique ambiance; quality, cleanliness, freshness and all done with pride.  

Our motto;
It’s not the employer who pays the wages but the product – Pride and Quality Count.

    • The first in the Territory: to provide an In-house Educational Cooking Program and free Tasting Demonstrations, on weekends incorporating underutilized fin-fish species.
    • The first to consistently provide a variety of fresh cooked local crustaceans: prawns, bugs and Mud Crabs all locally sourced and cooked fresh on site.
    •  The first and only Seafood Business in the Territory to be accredited under the Fish Brand Scheme & to sell "only" Australian Seafood.
    • Advocates and Role Models for Support Local Caught Campaign, every local product displaying the NT Seafood’s Industry Support Local Caught Tags are displayed and identification of those seafood items that are Agricultural/farmed.
    • Recipe Cards, Product Specifications, Star Rating Cooking Chart are all developed in house.
    • Pro-active and Industry Leaders, standing by all our products.
    • A registered member with the Seniors Card Scheme, discount applied.
    • Free sample tastings of Crustaceans, Smoked Crocodile and Barramundi, Cured Spanish Mackerel and Dips.
    • Unique ambience and service style; providing customers with an exceptional and memorable NT seafood experience.
    • Honesty, integrity and sincerity ensuring all seafood is sourced from sustainability fisheries.
    • DFM have a team of fish cutters who will tailor to meet our customer’s specifications, working closely with customers and trialing new ideas to meet the seafood challenges of today and tomorrow.  Offering plenty to tempt customers in making healthy life choices by providing high quality seafood, at the right price and alternatives meal solutions with different cuts and styles. 

Friendly staff who smile and say Hi, taking the time to assist with enquires, providing guidance on cooking techniques, travel packs, specials and recipe cards (courtesy of and specifically designed by the NT Seafood Council) incorporating the local fin-fish and crustaceans on display.  A small boat layden with ice, displaying a wide variety of local whole cleaned fin-fish for personalized selection; pick and choose your own, cleaned ready to go.

Free sample tasting of fresh cooked local prawns so one can taste before they buy, a logical practice with so many customers asking what’s the best tasting prawn, try a Banana, a Tiger and/or King a difficult decision in determining, then DFM staff will suggest a bit of each.

Fresh and/or frozen Seafood packed for interstate travel or a free scoop of ice for those who maybe on the road for a while.  Phone orders compiled with the option of vac-packing to ensure that fresh seafood maintains its maximum shelf life.  Local lemons, seafood and tartar sauce with the healthy choice of an all natural DFM homemade mayonnaise and a selection of other commodities to compliment the seafood one has acquired to take away.

DFM staff assists those customers who want to eat on site by cracking a fresh cooked crab, cut a lemon, give you a fork, finger bowl, plate and place you at the table, oysters up next with a dash of fresh cooked prawns; eat away till one’s heart content, the Territory way.
Restaurateurs and Chefs can arrange to hand pick their menu items and Cruise Ships Chefs visit to ensure availability and freshness of the local produce; consistency and reliability.

Product Specifications; an informative guide detailing each species catch method, nutritional value, cooking method and accompanying wine all available on display or anyone can download free from our website, along with additional recipes, visit or  log on and comment on our Facebook Page.   

If a request is placed, DFM will endeavor to acquire but only if Australian and if a line is unavailable or for those seasonal species; a Customer’s Call List has been implemented and once the requested item has been acquired a courtesy call placed to see if product is still required and if so, placed aside.

DFM strives to maintain an ongoing partnership working alongside businesses and Retail Customers as a team, encouraging a visit to the processing plant to get the very best in terms of their total fish and seafood on offering.

Dedicated and conscious effort are made to sell seafood that is currently underutilized ie: free freshly cooked samples for tasting to encourage consumers to eat a wider variety of species and assist with the sustainability of the Northern Territory Fishing Industry.

Darwin Fish Market strives to maintain a unique ambiance; quality, cleanliness, freshness and all done with pride.  

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