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Excellence in Product

Excellence in Product

Go Wild...Territory Wild Darwin Fish Markets

The first and currently the only Seafood Wholesaler/Retailer in the Territory that sells only Australian.

  • Uniquely Territorian; selling 98% Local Product and only Australian Seafood, 100% Guaranteed.
  • All the seafood is caught from within the pristine waters of the Arafura Sea, off the Northern Territory coast line or from within the coastal waters of Australia.


Product diversification and the utilization of bi-products for sale; heads, wings, airbags, fish roe.

  • Real Wild Caught, Go Wild….Territory Wild™.
  • The development of a 100% all Natural Range: Barra Dip, Fish Burgers, Naturally Smoked Barramundi.

Supplying customers with a variety of ocean/wild caught species, from the world renowned Barramundi to Jewfish, Red Emperor, Crimson Snapper, Saddletail Snapper, Rock Cod, Spanish Mackerel, King Threadfin, Flake, Goldband and Golden Snapper, Mud Crabs, Bugs, Squid and a variety of Local Prawns; King, Tiger, Banana, Leader and Endeavour are but a few of the seafood lines on show.  Live Mussels, fresh scallops and whole hog (Atlantic Salmon) are flown in from Tasmania and when in season live Lobsters and Yabbies from WA, Live whole SA Coffin Bay Oysters arriving twice a week and opened on site.

DFM transforms the natural raw product into an accessible seafood commodity, a healthy choice and an alternative meal solution that can be provided in a format that fits the end users particular needs and cooking style.  This can be achieved by removing the gills and the entrails of the fin-fish ready to be steamed or baked, natural boneless fillets with the bloodline removed for ease in preparation and the simplicity for cooking. 
Cutlets European style to the utilization of bio-products Asian style, wings, heads and frames.  Skin-on or off, fish roe, air bags, smoked or however one may desire, Red Emperor or Saddletail Snapper sashimi style.   The development and sale of quick healthy meal solutions ie: fresh all natural fish cakes, marinara mix, peeled prawns, all instant convenience and ready to be cooked.  Remembering all Seafood is sourced from within Australia and ninety eight caught locally.

At the request of Customers and due to the flexibility of processing from whole fin-fish, DFM now provides an extensive frozen range of local and only Australian Seafood for sale.

Guaranteed Peace of mind for all customers regarding sustainability and traceability by achieving and maintaining third party accreditation for a HACCP based Food Safety Program.  DFM ensure we do not buy or sell any endangered fish and fisheries instead promote a range of underutilized seafood species for sale, to assist the future of our fishing industry for generations to come.  Relevant up-to-date Fishery Status Reports and Industry Codes of Practices are available and on display.

Focus is on ensuring an acceptable level of environmental impacts as sustainability is all dependent on a sound ocean environment and viable communities to be profitable in the long run

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