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About Us

A Word from the Managing Director.Darwin Fish Markets

What you are about to experience is the exotic taste of,
"Real Ocean Fresh" Organic, Wild Caught Northern Territory Seafood.
"There is nothing quite like it in the world".

I personally guarantee all of my products and assure you there is nothing healthier and more enjoyable than the real thing.

In the Territory, we have the good fortune to live in one of our planet's great, remote wilderness areas. We protect clean green waters and our fish, so the quality is second to none and we're determined to keep it that way.  All our fisheries are well managed and all species are sustainable, this is backed up by scientific data.

Real Ocean Fresh, only Australian NT Wild Caught



The Year is 2002, down at Francis Bay Drive; Fisherman's Wharf where the commercial fishing vessels dock, known to the locals as the, "Duck Pond". Nearby is a Fisherman sitting out the front of his café, approaching is a group of strangers, who stopped to ask; "Can you please tell us where we can buy some fresh local seafood from"?

Annoyed with the answer he was about to give, knowing full well that he was unable to direct them and many others whom had asked, to anywhere in Darwin that consistently sold a variety of fresh local seafood.

The breaking point; whilst at the local CBD shopping centre, he stopped at the major Retail outlets Deli Cabinet to view the seafood on display and upon being served he asked the counter assistant; "Why don't you sell fresh local seafood instead of a cabinet full of frozen and imported products" with the following answer presented to him;

"There is no one in the Territory that can consistently supply us with fresh local seafood..…. but we will have some fresh Snappers arriving in from Cairns tomorrow".

Bewildered and despondent, yet again, as he knew the answer he was presented with was un-shamefully true.


His Vision

To consistently supply the Northern Territory with fresh local and "only" Australian Seafood.
Local fresh whole cleaned fin-fish, fillets, cutlets, wings, heads, frames, green and freshly cooked local prawns, bugs, squid, live and fresh cooked Mud Crabs.  Wild caught/ocean fresh, all from within the pristine waters of the Northern Territory.

With a vision in mind, the passion and drive to make it eventuate, was becoming even more avid than ever before.  Destitute and determined to make his vision a reality the business name was registered, even before its formation occurred.

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